BRIGHART: Abstract Expressionist Painter.
Born: 1956 in Amsterdam, Holland.
Attended Classes and Workshops of: Michiel Czn, Dhont, Anton Assies, Agaath Koers, Dorien Melis, Aleid Holman and Femia Morselt.

2004 – 2007: Worked Full-Time at WBK Vrije Academie Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague, Holland.

2010-2011 WDK in Rotterdam 

Brighart’s paintings are acrylic and mixed media . She  experimental with the use of nylon umbrellas, glass beads within layers of transparent acrylic Lascaux paint, as seen in the painting, “Flirti Bird”.Recent works shows more layers of paint "Only in movement is truth  "2018 
“The idea that artists have a special role to play in bringing peace to people and countries appeals very much to me. Participating in this “struggle for peace” fits in with the way I work and why I paint”.
This positive energy radiates warmth as it stirs the imagination through Brighart’s use of colour and materials in her abstract paintings and prints.
“Everything is energy, everything is in movement. That energy and power is what I want to express in my work. I would like people to recognize what I paint, even though it is abstract. There is a positive and negative energy. Many artists concentrate on the negative, on misery and frustration. Whatever you pay attention to grow. That is why I would rather focus on the “glass that is half full, on love, on happiness”. Or, as Popper put it, “Optimism is a moral duty”.